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In 2019 a number of the members came together to Give an Hour to raise funds for The Sparkling Business Club Charity of the year. In 2019 the charity was Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Most of our businesses are community based & we all support our favourite charities through out the year.  Lynnda Worsnop who created the group has been volunteering for Hearing Dogs for over three year and her clients regularly meet one of the dogs when they visit her. She is rarely without a Hearing Dog in her care. 

For this project 10 Sparkling Ladies donated an hour of their time, they all came up with a great offer that allowed you check out their skills at an amazing price for you.

In 2020 the chsrity we are supporting is HER Breast Friends If you would like to give an hour (or two) this year contact Lynnda for more details 



Hearing Dogs change lives. Imagine not being able to hear your alarm clock or the door bell or the telephone. Imagine meeting new people and them not understanding the help you might need. Each Hearing Dog under goes basic training and then is matched to a deaf person & after that their training is personalised to that persons unqiue needs. Helping people communicate and understanding that we are all individuals is something we should all be aware of.

The charity was found at Crufts in 1982 where they began working with rescue dogs. By 2004 they had trained and placed 1,000 dogs. In 1994 they opened their northern training centre near Pocklington. So close to our members it is no wonder we find ourselves involved with them.

Hearing Dogs now breed their own puppies who start the preparation for work at 8 weeks old. They to train over 100 dogs a year. It takes a lot of hours to train each dog to support a deaf person.

With a theme of "Communcations" at this year's A Day To Sparkle we will be welcoming Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to join us on the day so you will have another chance to find out more.

Find out more about Hearing Dogs For Deaf People HERE 

Susan Weeks

"Get Clear"
A structured 60 minute session to help you make that 'next step', especially if 'technology' is involved!
Create Clarity, Simplify Strategy, Tame Technology

What Happens In Our Meeting?     During your 'Get Clear' meeting we discuss the business project you want help with.
I explain your options and choices.
We highlight opportunities and challenges.
We move towards a likely solution.

What Happens After Our Meeting?  I will follow up with a 'Get Clear' summary and a suggested plan for your next steps. I will also send you the recording of our meeting.
You will be able to move forwards with your next step in clarity and confidence, whether you hire me to implement your vision, hire someone else, or decide to DIY.

More Information & Booking HERE 


Susan Weeks

Lynnda Worsnop

Lynnda is a Business Mentor based in Beverley. Her long history with various family businesses makes her ideally placed to support you as you grow your business. Tap into Lynnda's creative brain and put it to work for your business.

Grab an hour with Lynnda to look at your plans especially if you want to get a better response from social media. Always practical she will help you get those jobs done. Plans are great but Lynnda will help you take action to bring you better results. 

Contact Lynnda HERE 

Yvonne Green

Yvonne has been a Reiki Practitioner/Master since 2004 and has seen many clients and students since then. She knows from experience that the number one thing people suffer from these days is stress and the inability to relax. Couple this with the negativity we so easily pick up and carry around with us from day to day and even the hardiest of us can succumb to the pressures of life.

‘Setting the intention’ before a treatment, she guides the wonderful energy of Reiki to help you whatever your problem whether it be physical, emotional, or just the need for peace and relaxation. Treatments take place in comfortable surroundings with beautiful aromas, soft candlelight and music to take you away from the everyday to a special place where cares are forgotten for a while.

The Offer: Rainbows is offering the 'ultimate chill out experience’; a one-hour Reiki session where you can relax and let go the cares of the world for a while. Normally £35, there are a few treatments on offer for £25 which will go to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. 

You can find out more about Reiki with Yvonne HERE 



Susan Weeks

Janet Illidge

Intuitive Practitioner in Beverley: After a 30 year career teaching children and adults I developed a passion for helping others to improve their wellbeing - emotional, mental and physical by assisting the body to gently release tension and restore balance through natural therapies. 

I subsequently became qualified as a practitioner of:-   Reiki - (treatments and attunements), Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, EFT & NLP. I also create personalised Essential Oil Spray Mists and Body Scrubs. 

My Offer  In support of the Charity I am offering - 

Reiki Treatment and Personal Essential Oil Spray Mist:  A 30 minute Reiki balance and  I will create a personal Essential Oil Spray Mist created to help you feel balanced and uplifted.  Special Prioe £25

Contact Janet to discover more and to book your hour HERE Telephone or message Janet on 07855 131276 to book.

Linda Hoyland

I’m Linda Hoyland and I have been a complementary therapist for 30 years now. I started out working as a chemist in research and development for the pharmaceutical industry. When I was pregnant I became quite ill and the only thing offered was medication which I really didn’t want as an expectant mum. After having my son I went to Yoga classes and through these, went to a talk on Reflexology. As a scientist I was hugely sceptical, however part of me was intrigued. So I found out more about it and went on to qualify as a reflexologist.

I love working with clients with reflexology and had amazing results, but I realised more could be done and so started looking for something else and eventually found the “holy grail” of therapies – kinesiology!

I love working with kinesiology because it is such a multi-faceted approach that the body really has no option but to change its old unhealthy ways for new happy ones.

I have also added High Touch Acupressure (Jin Shin) to my therapeutic techniques, as well as my unique anti-aging fabulous facials.

The Offer: I am offering 2 new clients the chance to discover the amazing benefits of these therapies for yourself! Choose from a session of either:

  • relaxing reflexology
  • kickstarting kinesiology
  • amazing acupressure
  • or a fabulous facial
  • for only £25!!

(First session is normally £50) This will be donated to The Hearing Dogs charity.

Contact Linda to book HERE

Susan Weeks

Anne Marie Stagg

With a background in education, Anne Marie has been a therapist for more than 12 years. With a particular focus on stress and anxiety she uses a blend of hypnotherapy, reiki, EFT and TFT plus other therapies to create a bespoke programme for her client.

Her very first venture into complementary therapy was to train in Reiki, an amazing process which is suitable for clients of all ages and addresses both physical and emotional issues. This was followed by training as a clinical hypnotherapist with specialisms in the Virtual Gastric Band, Menopause Relief and Exam Performance.

Anne Marie has continued to add new skills to her repertoire, including Understanding Autism, Mental Health First Aid and OldPain2Go. She has worked locally in a variety of settings, most recently 18 months at a local GP surgery and now based in Salt Revive in Beverley where she sees clients Tuesday to Thursday.

Outside of work Anne Marie enjoys gardening, walking, music and all things NCIS

The Offer:: Relax and enjoy a 60 minute session with Anne Marie for just £25    Stagger in Float out 

Contact Anne Marie HERE 

Julie Allison

Julie Allison is an Intuitive Mentor and Healer who helps others to realise and break through their perceived limitations, in every aspect of their life, so that they can become aware of their own unlimited, powerful potential to create the life they desire for themselves and their families. Meditate Your Way To Success!

As an Intuitive, she can show you how to connect with that part of you that is your Ego - the part of us that stops us from doing what we really desire because of fear and resistance (could be fear of failing or fear that others won’t accept us for what we truly are).

The Offer:  Join me in a 2 hour taster Workshop called - Meditate Your Way To Success! to learn the first steps in how to manifest the business and life you want.

In this workshop, learn how it is your Ego that stops you from going in the direction you really desire and keeps holding you back. Learn how the Ego carries limiting beliefs that block you from being your true self. Learn how all those negative thought patterns have created your life, so that you catch those thoughts whenever you say them to yourself, and turn them around to positive thoughts to shape your life differently.

Through meditation (so that we can be still, quiet, and prepared and ready to listen), and a few other techniques, we can connect with our Ego to ask why she is feeling fearful. We can find out where those blocks and limiting beliefs came from. We can find out why certain things are constantly happening in our lives and where the repeated patterns come from. When we realise how we’ve been stopping ourselves, then we can start to change those beliefs.

We will be looking at our businesses, but these same techniques can be applied to all areas of your life.

The Offer  Date: Monday 20th May 2019 at 10.00am   For just 6 people

Venue: Calf House Studios, Cold Harbour Farm, Bishop Burton, Beverley, HU17 8JF

The cost for this is £10 per person. Contact Julie HERE 

Susan Weeks

Joanne Brady

Joanne is a social media consultant, mum of four, and chocoholic. She lives in Beverley and has been freelancing in social media for several years following a career in printing and in research. She is the owner of Social Bods.

The Offer - one hour Skype consultation on social media marketing for business. £25. I can go through your social media so far, what is working and some suggestions for improvements. 

Contact Joanne t to discover more and to book your hour HERE


Clare Atkinson

 Clare moved to East Yorkshire to set up Salt Revive the only salt therapy centre in Yorkshire. She has experinced the benefits for herself and wanted to make this available more locally. She became part of the group long before the move and is already a big part of the gang mainly due to her capcity to work with us all. 

With two dedicated therapy rooms offering ‘halotherapy’: a drug free treatment which imitates the micro climate of a natural salt cave.

For thousands of years ‘salty air’ has been a recommended form of health therapy.

Here at Salt Revive we recreate a controlled micro-climate to help you reap the benefits of this age old practice.

The Offer 

Friday 10th May 4pm a Special Session at Salt Revive proceed to Hearing Dogs.

Contact Salt Revive to book HERE

Susan Weeks

Frances Bentley

After many years working with in hairdressing salons around the area Fran is now developing her wonderful team at The Salon on Swinegate in Hessle.

As the inventor of Unicornlites Fran is known for the creative skills with colour, she is however a well rounded hairdresser with a long listed of dedicated customers. Unicornlites really appealed to the members of The Sparkling Business Club and many ladies have them.

The Salon has been undergoing some amazing changes and there is so much more to come from this talented team.


Check out the newly refurbished salon at 

The Salon

11 Swinegate
Hessle Hu13 9LG

01482 643499

The Offer:  Book a cut and blow dry with Kassie, Lucy or Ashliegh 

Book Now HERE

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