A Week to Sparkle

a week to be inspired and informed

Week commencing 22nd June 2020. Join us for not another fabulous day, but for a whole week of inspiration.  A WEEK To Sparkle. A week to be inspired and be informed. A week for you.

This year's theme is Planning and we will have a series of mini events online that you can pick and mix from to create the best week for you. Getting your planning right will make it easier to work less and earn more, something our ladies strive to do, 

Each day at 12 noon we will have a keynote speaker that you can settle down for a lunch & learn session with. Each of these will be recorded so you can watch them back at your leisure until 21st July.

Fabulous inspirational speakers, some great networking opportunities, great offers and we are set to have an amazing week.

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Inspired and Informed

With a theme of planning our speakers will include

Susan Weeks, Jackie Crawford, Vivienne Joy and Clare Bennett.

We will of course be networking across the platform and have added in 5 extra sessions including hearing Mandi Allen talk about Living our life in Chapters.

As business owners ourselves we know how hard you work, we want to make it easier for you. 

Book your space now,

We don't have physical stands this year but there are lots of ways you can showcase your business. Contact Lynnda to find something that will work for you.

Your Host for A Week To Sparkle

Speaker &Host : Lynnda Worsnop

Helping you feel Informed & Inspired is at the core of most things Lynnda's does.

A Day to Sparkle was her dream event and when the current situation forced the cancellation of what was to her biggest event yet, she did what she always did. She looked to create something even better.  A new style online event where content is available until 21st July

“Moving the event online has opened up so many more possibilities. Extra speakers and workshops became possible. This is the first event of its kind for The Sparkling Business Club and we are learning all the time. I know there is more I could do given a longer lead up to the event but I hope you will be understanding as we give this a real go this year.”

Meet our Speakers

Monday - Lynnda Worsnop

Coach & Mentor

Tuesday - Clare Bennnett

Pole Dancer & Healthy choices

Wednesday - Vivienne Joy

Mindset for Business Coach

Thursday 10 am - Mandi Allen

The Coffeehouse Writer

Thursday - Jackie Crawford

Image Consultant

Friday - Susan Weeks

Technology Champion

Speaker : Susan Weeks

Susan Weeks helps experts, like you, to share your genius with more of your ideal customers, through Podcasting, Video Marketing and Creating Online Courses.
Susan makes the technology work, so you can change more lives.

Working with Susan as your guide, she creates clarity, simplifies strategy and tames the technology, while you focus on your clients, your business, and what you do best.

In addition, Susan is a podcast producer and host of the popular Stitchery Stories podcast, a leader in its niche of textile art & embroidery.
And she is also the content marketing mentor and technical trainer for FreelanceU, a global, leading freelancer training platform.

Based in the UK, Susan lives on the East Yorkshire coast in Hornsea, with her teen son.
She serves global clients, enjoys early morning runs along the seafront, and textile art when she gets some time for herself!

Speaker : Vivienne Joy

Vivienne Joy is an energetic, focused, fun 46 year old; who genuinely LOVES her life's work! She positively welcomes change, accepting that everything is temporary... "Change ALWAYS happens, you may as well view it positively and embrace it as part of the roller coaster of life and ENJOY it, Joy by name, joy by nature!”

As an only child, with no close living family, Vivienne lost her parents within 8 months of each other when she was 30. Over the years, she found people and tools to help her change her thinking, her beliefs, her behaviours, her career and her life rules, to truly take care of her own mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs.

Today, she’s a fun and friendly transformational influencer, passionate about people and success (theirs and hers ‘un-sticking’ people through group events and workshops, and 121 mentoring and transformational breakthrough coaching.

Speaker &Host : Lynnda Worsnop

Lynnda Worsnop is a business coach and mentor. Born into the family retail business Lynnda enjoyed 20 years teaching science and maths before joining the stationery company she helped her husband start in 1989 as the retail director.

Her creative brain has led to her designing and selling her own range on Craft Stamps via shops, TV and online. 

Lynnda is passionate in her desire to support people working in their own businesses.  She started a business support group for local retailers in 2005. In 2009 she started a new group that supported many more women across the East Riding and beyond. She has teamed up with other agencies and working parties to help where she can & to be the voice of micro businesses.

Building on her experiences Lynnda founded The Sparkling Business Club in 2017 to help her support women working in their own business both online and via a variety of events. Not surprisingly Lynnda enjoys teaching workshops and sharing what she has been learning all her life.

Lynnda loves to support the businesses she works with and this Business Showcase begins with letting as many businesses as possible shine. It is their Time To Sparkle. 

Speaker : Clare Bennett

Clare describes herself  as a plant based body building, pole dancing, aerial instructor. She is a mother to two lovely kids Amy 13 and Dax 10 and is married to Mark. They opened their first business in 2000, a ladies only gym thet called Fitness Finesse which was in a converted house on Calvert lane. They soon outgrow this venue and moved first to Anlaby road and then to the current location back on Calvert Lane 2013  In 2005 they developed and opened Pole 4 Fitness, one of the first purpose built studios dedicated just to learning to pole dance in the UK. In 2011 they evolved this to include aerial silks and hoops. In 2013 they both got into bodybuilding and have been competing for the last 7 years winning many titles and becoming know as the couple who 'play together' as they compete in couples bodybuilding. 


Clare has a passion for cooking healthy meals and has a fascination with why some people have good attitudes with food and other don't . This has lead her to learning about what foods are addictive and why some foods are healthier than others. Clare talks regularly at the vegan festivals sharing her passion and knowledge about being a plant based fitness expert. 


Speaker : Mandi Allen

Also known as The Coffeehouse Writer,  has combined her love of coffee and writing to form a writing group with the ‘learn, write, socialise’ ethos.

 Has spent the last 30 years writing for business, first in hospitality as a business development manager and a landlady or a rock pub, providing local newspapers and industry music magazines with band reviews, then later on as an English teacher. She now writes novels under her full name, ‘Amanda J. Allen’, along with scripts for theatre, tv and film.

She uses her experience to get you writing your own project, most importantly finishing it, whether it's a novel you started six years ago, or a blog you just can't get off the ground.

Originally from Lancashire, she is now Beverley based, and can often be seen following the kids cycling, jotting notes in her ever-near notebook. When she is not on her bike cycling away the consumed cake, dodging pheasants, she can be found in her potager garden, tending to the overly ambitious amount of veg and herbs planted. This is her sanctuary. If you need help with motivation, she is your gal. Self professed, Queen of Procrastination,  she has discovered every excuse possible, so is perfect at helping you dodge that pitfall and keeping you on track. Mandi’s motto is 'break it down in to non-scary chunks, set smaller goals that are achievable.


Speaker : Jackie Crawford

Based in Strensall, York, Jackie Crawford is a FIPI accredited independent image consultant on a mission to make getting dressed a pleasure and is dedicated to helping women look and feel fabulous every day. Guiding clients to make the right clothing choices Jackie encourages making the most of your budget, searching out quality that flatters, reviewing and reinventing your existing wardrobe and shopping mindfully.

Our image is an investment in our personal brand and Jackie’s guidance can support your development goals through personal presentation.

Having worked in a corporate environment for many years, Jackie has an excellent understanding of both the desires and pressures faced by many working women. Jackie likes to ‘make a difference’ – helping people reach their greatest potential.  This variety of personal experience helped to strengthen her understanding of the importance of personal presentation and the impact that the colours and clothes we wear have upon our personal image. 

Working with an Image Consultant is no longer the privilege for the chosen few, it is available to all.  The results can contribute to life-changing events from new careers; returning to the working scene; seeking promotion or finding a new partner. Jackie helps women enhance their individual physical characteristics and develop a stronger personal brand through her services including, Colour Analysis, Personal Style Analysis, Wardrobe Editing and Personal Shopping.


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OUR VENUE is a platform specially created for this event.

Lynnda has used the Mighty Networks platform to create a great space for us to enjoy the event.

Part of the fun of going to the Big Day was meeting new people and talking about your business with them. Once you book and pay, you will be sent a link to join and you can set up your membership profile.  This will act as a directory and help you connect.

Each of our speakers has their own room where you can stay in touch with them and ask questions. Remember this will all be there until 21st July. However the sooner you book the sooner you start being part of it all.

No need to worry if they will have food and drinks you like, take this time to indulge your senses and treat yourself to some easy but tasty lunches... and there might be some ideas for that in our Warm Up Week 

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Our Plans for the Week

A Pick n Mix of events for you to choose from.

Two sessions every day 

  1. Monday 10 am Welcome Party
  2. Monday 12 noon  Planning Begins Where? Lynnda Worsnop 
  3. Tuesday 10 am  Charity Launch This years give an hour 
  4. Tuesday 12 noon If it is to be, it is up to me, Clare Bennett
  5. Wednesday 10am Slow networking I time to promote you business and chat with others.
  6. Wednesday 12 noon Women Supporting Women Vivienne Joy
  7. Thursday 10 am Living your life in Chapters Mandi Allen 
  8. Thursday 12 noon Investing in Your Personal Brand Jackie Crawford 
  9. Friday 10 am The role of your ideal client in your planning
  10. Friday noon Tech Tools for Planning Susan Weeks

The Talks

Vivienne: Women Supporting Women

She- Enjoys Life Foundation

SELF is a newly founded not for profit organisation bringing together business women of the world who want to help passionate charity creators to start and have success by providing them with business skills, marketing and admin services, support, coaching, mentoring and encouragement.Come along to this talk by Vivienne Joy, world-class ‘Provocative Transformation Coach’, upcoming Author, motivational speaker, NLP Master, NLP Trainer and MasterCoach. She helps people like you to breakthrough their own issues by finding and updating their negative and destructive beliefs – creating life changing transformation.

Not to be missed!

Susan: Cool Tools for Planning

You want to be the leader, the expert, the 'go-to' person in your niche.
But what is the best way for you to do that?
There are so many tools and techniques that you hear about.
They could be the answer...but they often sound complicated and hard.
And anyway, you have enough on your plate already without wasting time getting buried in technology.

Relax Sparkling Ladies! No techno-babble or geek-speak today.

Susan Weeks shares some straight-talking information and handy, easy to use 'tech tools' to help you get your planning done.

Lynnda: Planning begins where?

It is so easy for your planning to full of lots of things you think you SHOULD be doing, or based on what everyone else is doing. 

I am passionate about helping your Live YOUR best life not someone elses. So let's start the week by looking at what you are trying to achieve, the why behind what you are doing, discovering the outcomes you are looking for.

Myself, I want you to have a week that makes planning easier in the future, a week that opens your eyes to possiblities and a week that let's you find new opportunities. 

I want you to make connections and find ways and people who will propel you forward. 


Throughout the weeks will include networking activities including an inclusive slow networking session on Wednesday 

Amazing Offers

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Great Space

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Inspiring Talks

A carefully chosen presentation team to inspire & inform you.

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