A Day to Sparkle

a day to be inspired and informed

Wednesday 26th June 2019. Join us for another fabulous day. A Day To Sparkle. A day to be inspired and be informed. A day for you.

This year's theme is COMMUNICATIONS and we will have a  visit and demonstration from the team at Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. 

Add in some fabulous inspirational speakers, some great networking opportunities wonderful exhibitors with great offers and we are set to have another wonderful day. 

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Inspired and Informed

With a theme of Communications our speakers will include

Susan Weeks, Amanda Daniels, Vivienne Joy and Melanie Watson.

We will of course be networking and sending you home raring to get to work on your business, 

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Your Host for A Day To Sparkle

Host : Lynnda Worsnop

Lynnda Worsnop is a business coach and mentor. Born into the family retail business Lynnda enjoyed 20 years teaching science and maths before joining the stationery company she helped her husband start in 1989 as the retail director.

Her creative brain has led to her designing and selling her own range on Craft Stamps via shops, TV and online. 

Lynnda is passionate in her desire to support people working in their own businesses.  She started a business support group for local retailers in 2005. In 2009 she started a new group that supported many more women across the East Riding and beyond. She has teamed up with other agencies and working parties to help where she can & to be the voice of micro businesses.

Building on her experiences Lynnda founded The Sparkling Business Club in 2017 to help her support women working in their own business both online and via a variety of events. Not surprisingly Lynnda enjoys teaching workshops and sharing what she has been learning all her life.

Lynnda loves to support the businesses she works with and this Business Showcase begins with letting as many businesses as possible shine. It is their Day To Sparkle. 

Meet our Speakers

Susan Weeks

Susan Weeks

Podcast and Tech Guru

Amanda Daniels

Amanda Daniels

Digital Marketing Genius

Vivienne Joy

Vivienne Joy

Proactive Transformation Coach

Lynnda Worsnop

Melanie Watson

Equine Behaviour Consultant

Speaker : Susan Weeks

Susan Weeks helps experts, like you, to share your genius with more of your ideal customers, through Podcasting, Video Marketing and Creating Online Courses.
Susan makes the technology work, so you can change more lives.

Working with Susan as your guide, she creates clarity, simplifies strategy and tames the technology, while you focus on your clients, your business, and what you do best.

In addition, Susan is a podcast producer and host of the popular Stitchery Stories podcast, a leader in its niche of textile art & embroidery.
And she is also the content marketing mentor and technical trainer for FreelanceU, a global, leading freelancer training platform.

Based in the UK, Susan lives on the East Yorkshire coast in Hornsea, with her teen son.
She serves global clients, enjoys early morning runs along the seafront, and textile art when she gets some time for herself!

Speaker : Vivienne Joy

Vivienne Joy is an energetic, focused, fun 46 year old; who genuinely LOVES her life's work! She positively welcomes change, accepting that everything is temporary... "Change ALWAYS happens, you may as well view it positively and embrace it as part of the roller coaster of life and ENJOY it, Joy by name, joy by nature!”

As an only child, with no close living family, Vivienne lost her parents within 8 months of each other when she was 30. Over the years, she found people and tools to help her change her thinking, her beliefs, her behaviours, her career and her life rules, to truly take care of her own mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs.

Today, she’s a fun and friendly transformational influencer, passionate about people and success (theirs and hers ‘un-sticking’ people through group events and workshops, and 121 mentoring and transformational breakthrough coaching.

Speaker : Amanda Daniels

Amanda is a leader in the field of Digital Marketing. She is the Founder of the award winning company, Koogar working as a Marketing Consultant providing integrated marketing solutions and strategies to Business Owners and Marketing Managers throughout the UK. 

Initially qualified as a Graphic Designer, Amanda went onto to learn how to “build the Internet” by creating animations, studying code and advancing skills within user experience (UX) of websites in 1998. Going on to create some of the largest sites in the UK (including Liverpool Football Club and HSBC) and marketing them to ensure the best return for the investment made.

Speaker : Melanie Watson

Melanie has been running her own business for 34 years a livery yard in Skidby East Yorkshire. Melanie travels all over the UK to owners who are having difficulties with their horses at home providing behavioural, functional and environmental analysis re the unwanted behaviours and set a training plan in place.  

Her yard is dedicated to rehabilitating so called "problem horses" from all over the UK, alongside giving young horses a fantastic start to their active working lives. Re -training ex-racehorses, both for herself and for their owners, for over 32 years now and have given them all a chance to attain a normal, well-adjusted,happy and fulfilling life outside of racing.

Studying behaviour in horses has led her to study behaviour across a range of other animals including gorillas and penguins.

Melanie uses her skills to help many charities.  A fascinating lady passionate about her work and loving her job. 

Check out the Location

Venue: Mercure Hull Grange Park Hotel

We will be enjoying our day at this classic hotel just outside Hull and not far from the Humber Bridge. Refreshments are planned throughout the day including a wonderful lunch. We will comfirm your dietary requirements closer to the date.

Make a break of it? Accommodation at the hotel is available at a special rate of £70 B&B  for attendees. Just book with the hotel and tell them you are attending the event. 

Mercure Hull Grange Park Hotel

Grange Park Lane, Willerby,  Hull HU10 6EB

Phone: 01482 272 763     [email protected]

Reserve your seat today

Our Plans for the Day

This is your day.

We will look after you from the moment you arrive, with drinks and pastries and your seat will be ready complete with your welcome pack. You will have time to browse the stands and check out the offers and meet the other Sparkling Ladies.

Arrival from 9:30 am. Speakers starting from 10am

All the speakers will deliver before 3:30 pm.

After we have listened to our first speaker we will pause for more refreshments and introduce you to a different group of ladies…....and your day will continue like that.

And don't forget we will be finding how Hearing Dogs change lives and learn from them too! 

Before you leave you will receive a bag of surprises and offers to take home.

Who doesn't need a day like that?

The Talks

Vivienne: Getting out of your own way

Your beliefs rule everything...  Learn how to identify and change them to get on in life.

Your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and success all stem from beliefs that have been created from your life to date. Your past.

A higher power of authority has influenced your thinking, thoughts and feelings at a point in time and you created a set of beliefs, which are now ‘often unconsciously’ your ‘rule book for life’.

This is all well and good… Unless the belief you created isn’t actually true! If you are running limiting or disabling beliefs about yourself and the world/people around you, it can ruin your life, create anxiety, stress, sabotage behaviours and sometimes worse.

Come along to this talk by Vivienne Joy, world-class ‘Provocative Transformation Coach’, upcoming Author, motivational speaker, NLP Master, NLP Trainer and MasterCoach. She helps people like you to breakthrough their own issues by finding and updating their negative and destructive beliefs – creating life changing transformation.

You will learn how and why you have created this reality for yourself and learn ‘easy self-coaching tools’ to start to master your mind, hush negative self-talk and bullying, and halt self-sabotage behaviours.

Not to be missed!

Susan: Cool Tools to share your genius with more of your ideal clients

You know you can help more people if you can get your message out to a wider audience.
You want to be the leader, the expert, the 'go-to' person in your niche.
But what is the best way for you to do that?
There are so many tools and techniques that you hear about.
They could be the answer...but they often sound complicated and hard.
And anyway, you have enough on your plate already without wasting time getting buried in technology.

Relax Sparkling Ladies! No techno-babble or geek-speak today.

Susan Weeks shares some straight-talking information and handy, easy to use 'tech tools' to help you get your message in front of more of your ideal customers.

Amanda: Make your website Sparkle & be MORE Visible.

Websites to date are still one of the most important elements in your marketing arsenal, yet a lot of people don’t give it the time and commitment it deserves. Websites are far from dead. It’s the first thing people look for, to find more information about the products or services they require, the people who deliver them, the cost implications and to get their questions answered. 

We all have one but don’t spend time updating, adding new content and keeping it in tip top condition and at the same time we expect the earth from them. We want new clients, more hits, comments, shares and business enquiries daily but don’t want to have to pay our web designer to make the changes. We blame our web designers if we aren’t getting the business we want, rather than understanding it’s down to us to ensure our web is working efficiently and effectively.


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